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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Evaluation report for the Greek DPA

The Data&Protection information society legal services published on January 209 an Effectiveness Evaluation Report on the activities of the Greek Data Protection Authority in 2008.

The paper consists of six parts on the following criteria: 

(a) respect of the deadlines,

(b) consistency of decisions,

(c) consitutionality control and direct application of european/international legislation 

(d) own-initiative inquires

(e) proportionality of sanctions

(f) raising awareness policy 

You may download the Report here (English) (Greek).

Conclusions of the Report:

In 2008, the Greek Data Protection Authority did not satisfy the expectations for a new institution  with a 10 years experience, because: 

(a) it did  not react as rapid as the legislation and the information society demands for  an alternative dispute resolution mechanism, 

(b) its decisions were inconsistent and  did not meet the legal certainty standard, 

(c) its control on constitutionality and conformity with the european law was satisfactory, but should also extend to opinions and consultations on legislative proposals, 

(d) its own-initiative activities were oriented to sanctions and not to a more proactive approach, 

(e) there were serious inconsistencies in its sanctions policy, 

(f) its communication policy is restricted to the publication of the  Annual Report and the 

President's press conferences. 



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